Wednesday 18 December 2013

"ill at ease 2" reviews

Three recent reviews of the PenMan Press anthology "ill at ease 2", which features my story "The Bureau Of Lost Children".

The first, from Anthony Watson at his Dark Musings blog, concludes with the comment "a high quality collection of stories, Ill at Ease 2 is highly recommended".  The review can be found in full at this link.

The second review, posted to Goodreads, comes from Ross Warren and his positive, four-star review can be found in full at this link.

The third review, posted at his website "Welcome to the Hellforge" by Matthew Fryer, is another positive one which can be found at this link.

Shaun's "The Shuttle" and my tale were also mentioned in James Everington's "Best Short Stories of 2013 (Somewhat Biased & Woefully Uncomprehensive)" list, which you can find at this link.

In addition, Ross Warren included my story in his yearly round-up.  The full list can be found at this link.

Thanks to them all and don't forget, if you've read it, it'd be great if you left a review!

Following on from the critical success of “ill at ease” comes volume 2, featuring seven original horror short stories, all of them guaranteed to give you the chills.

Joining the original trio of Stephen Bacon, Mark West and Neil Williams this time are Shaun Hamilton, Robert Mammone, Val Walmsley and Sheri White.

You will descend into an underground train station to uncover a dreadful secret and watch in horror as a paradise holiday turns sour.  You will see a bullied boy who’s helped by local history and share the anguish of a father, losing his child in a shopping centre.  You will take a trip with a cancer sufferer and share the pain of a couple, desperate for a child.  You will discover that history needs to be kept somewhere.

Seven stories, seven writers and you.

Prepare to feel “ill at ease” all over again.

cover designed and produced by Neil Williams
ebook built by Tim C. Taylor at Greyhart Press

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