Sunday 24 February 2013

Imperial Stormtroopers

Alison & Matthew bought me a new camera for my birthday, for which I was really grateful (I love taking photographs and have long wanted one with a decent zoom).  This is just the ticket and I love it and so the first thing I did was, of course, to take pictures of some of my Stormtroopers.  And here they are:

 You know, I think that might be one of the droids we're looking for...

TK421, nobody gets on or off, okay?

Friday 15 February 2013

Urban Occult - available for pre-order

features my story "The Witch House"

Urban Occult Limited Pre-Order

Limited to 50.

Behind urban life, weird and horrific things fester. 
The whispers and chills of things long gone… the promise of power from the darkness… the seduction of those that lie in the shadows… the occult is all around us: in town houses, in mansions, and in your very own street.
Editor Colin F. Barnes collected together fifteen stories by a cast of critically acclaimed authors from around the globe who look into the stygian gloom, explore the dark corners of our houses, and peer into the abyss of human temptation.
Featuring stories by: Gary McMahon, Ren Warom, Gary Fry, Mark West, K.T. Davies, Nerine Dorman, Alan Baxter, Adam Millard, Julie Travis, Jason Andrew, James Brogden, A.A Garrison, Jennifer Williams, Sarah Anne Langton, and Chris Barnham.
Special Pre-Order Edition Limited to 50.
This pre-order edition means you will get the book at least a week to two weeks ahead of general release and:
A FREE ebook version (for any eReader)
and A FREE ebook of Day of Demons. (eBooks will be emailed to you on the 4th of March).
Just £9.99 (+£2.99 shipping anywhere in the world).
Pre-Order here:

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sleazy story is done...

I sent my sleaze story to Peter Mark May today - it’s called “The Glamour Girl Murders” and is set in London at the tail end of the 1976 heatwave.  There’s sex, violence, foot fetishism and something in the upstairs room and I’m really chuffed with it.  I’ve also read the Stephen Volk and Johnny Mains contributions and I think our “Anatomy Of Death” anthology could be very good indeed.

This marks the end of my short story writing commitments for the time being (unless someone else wants to ask, of course) and it’s time to look ahead at different things.  I’m keen to explore novellas still (I have two coming out, both from Pendragon Press - “Drive” this year and “The Lost Film” next year) and Pete, via Hersham Horror Books, has asked me to write one (to be published next year) for him.

I have an idea (a long gestating project some of you might remember, called “The Day It Rained”) which I’m going to pitch, but I’m thinking of something contemporary and dark and sexual for Hersham Horror.  I don’t have much in mind, but this is the part of a project I love, where everything is open and nothing is set and the sky, quite literally, is the limit.

Friday 1 February 2013

King pips "What Gets Left Behind" at the post

Back in December, I posted that "What Gets Left Behind" had been nominated in the Short Fiction section for the This Is Horror 2012 Awards (post linked from here).  I was thrilled to be listed alongside such great writers as Stephen King & Joe Hill, Cate Gardner, Mike O'Driscoll (and his book was, for me, the winner on the list) and Gary Fry and realised that I had no chance.

Imagine my surprise, then, at the announcement of the awards this evening.  No, I didn't win - that'd be a real Hollywood ending, wouldn't it? - but I did place as runner-up to Messrs. King.

Amazed and chuffed, I'd just like to thank every who took the time to vote.  I appreciate it!

The Awards winners are listed here