Tuesday 17 November 2009

Someone got the Yarmouth references!

Another paying customer review and - wahey! - another positive one (posted at the Ramsey Campbell message-board)! Thanks a lot, Gary Cole-Wilkin!

Friday 13 November 2009

More "Conjure"-y goodness

More review type goodness, this time from Sam Haine's Book Shop and they were nicely complimentary about me too:

I didn't get to meet Mark unfortunately as he was only at the Con for one day but everyone who mentioned him said he was a good bloke. His book, too, is a good, fast read - it could actually have done with being a bit longer in my opinion, but it's another good 'un.


New Arrival

Congratulations to my kid sister Sarah and her husband Chris, on the safe arrival of their baby daughter Lucy Jane. Mother and baby are both doing very well, Uncle Mark is feeling broody and the Dude is over the moon to have a little cousin.

Me, the Dude and baby Lucy

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Highlander's Book Reviews have just reviewed "Conjure". And quite liked it, which is always nice. http://talesfromtheblackabyss.blogspot.com/2009/12/conjure-by-mark-west.html

Woo hoo!