Sunday, 24 February 2013

Imperial Stormtroopers

Alison & Matthew bought me a new camera for my birthday, for which I was really grateful (I love taking photographs and have long wanted one with a decent zoom).  This is just the ticket and I love it and so the first thing I did was, of course, to take pictures of some of my Stormtroopers.  And here they are:

 You know, I think that might be one of the droids we're looking for...

TK421, nobody gets on or off, okay?


  1. Excellent photos! Your Star Wars figures are in immaculate condition. I've been looking up some of the other authors in the Urban Occult anthology (I have a story there, too) and found your site. Will be checking back in...

  2. Thanks - all of these figures have been bought over the past few years, when I discovered retro shops and found that I could actually own my own Stormtroopers!

    Just had a quick look on your site too, looking forward to reading your story. Looking forward to the antho too, it's a great line-up of writers!