Wednesday 18 September 2013

I'm at Andromeda One this weekend

I like Conventions - I like the atmosphere at them, I like seeing old and new friends and I enjoy the whole buzz of the occasion.

This weekend will mark my first Convention as an official guest, with thanks to Theresa Derwin who has organised the inaugural Andromeda One.  I am on a panel - The Role of the Small and Indie Press - with Jan Edwards, Simon Marshall-Jones, Theresa Derwin and Adrian Middleton moderating, which I'm looking forward to and it's a chance to meet up with old mates I don't get to see often enough (Steve Harris & I will probably continue our 'sleazy horror' conversation, held over from last years FantasyCon)

Andromeda One is a one-day SF, fantasy and horror convention taking place on Saturday 21st September 2013 from 11am to 22:00pm with Dealer’s Room open at 09:00am and early bird kaffeeklatches from 08:3am.

Taking place at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, it brings together a host of science-fiction, fantasy and horror writers and publishers for a day loaded with book launches, kaffeeklatches, panels, signings, writing and publishing workshops and much more.

Single Tickets are £25 each; Group Tickets (for up to five people) are £100.

GUESTS OF HONOUR include Paul Cornell, Jaine Fenn & Rog Peyton.

Plus sessions with an impressive range of speakers: Chris Amies, Jacey Bedford, James Brogden, Misa Buckley (SFR) Mike Chinn, Adam Christopher, Theresa Derwin, Jan Edwards (Alchemy Press & Editor/Writer) Janet Edwards SF Writer, Steve Harris, Dave Jeffery, Iain McKinnon, Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press, Adrian Middleton, Adam Nevill, Stan Nicholls & Anne Gay/Nicholls, Gaie Sebold, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gav Thorpe, Mark West and Ian Whates.

For more information, click this link

As further enticement - if it were needed - Adam Nevill & I will be signing a print of this and entering it as a raffle prize!

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