Sunday 1 September 2013

Books for free!

Dude & I went to Leicester today and discovered a Books For Free 'shop' in the Shires centre. I'd never heard of them before (I picked up a vintage hardback of Benchley's "The Deep", "Love & Friendship" by Alison Lurie and Sue Grafton's "E is for Evidence"), but I think it's a great idea.

Whilst I - inspired, partly, by Johnny Mains - have been collecting up 70s/80s paperbacks to try and create some kind of legacy (most charity shops chuck them, rather than deny space for the hundreds of copies of Jordan's latest autobiography), this charity saves books that are to be used as landfill or pulped (at great cost, in terms of carbon footprint), re-distributing them back into the community and allowing everyone - irregardless of their income - to share the written word.

How bloody cool is that? Check the link, see where your nearest one is (I donated money for the books I took, but I don't think you have to) and give them some support. And pick up some free books whilst you're at it!

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