Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Star Wars pencil case and the art of fatherhood

I saw this on ebay the other day and, as a real sucker for all things vintage Star Wars and tempted beyond reason, I bought it for myself.  The pencil case is new but the images on it are all from the Marvel run of comics, from Star Wars (1977) through to Empire Strikes Back (1980).

It arrived today and I let Dude open the envelope.  As soon as he saw he loved it - "I'll take it to school tomorrow, it's so cool!" - and I didn't have the heart to say it was for me.  So I caved, he now has this one and I've just ordered myself another!


  1. You old soppy so and so, you! :P

  2. Epic pencil cases are great at every age! We’ve been in business for 120 years and it’s still something we get excited about at Ryman. You and your son can join in with our #pencilcasepics competition on Instagram – the best pics will win a goody bag brimming with stationery. Check out our blog at for more details.