Tuesday 30 July 2013

A new review for "Anatomy of Death"

Although it's been out for three months, my editorial debut, Anatomy of Death (in five sleazy pieces), is still garnering reviews.

The latest comes from Adam Millard, at This Is Horror and he likes the collection, ending the review (with my story) thus:

Finally, Mark West’s ‘The Glamour Girl Murders’ is the story of Bob Parker, a rising star of glamour photography who just so happens to be a foot fetishist. A killer is slaying the beautiful models of London, and Bob finds himself in the thick of the investigation. From its very start, detailing a female model fleeing the sinister killer, ‘The Glamour Girl Murders’ is absorbing. West has a knack for dropping the reader in a familiar, bygone era (see 'What Gets Left Behind')  and he does so here with assurance; you can practically smell the Tupperware and hear the sound of a Sodastream getting busy with the fizzy in the distance. This is a thrilling, well executed story, and a fine way to ice this particular cake, of which the five pieces are incredibly moreish.

The full review can be read from this link

Thanks Adam!

If you're intrigued, the book is available from the following sources:

Amazon UK - print and Kindle  /  Amazon US - print and Kindle

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