Thursday 11 July 2013

Later, a short film by Simon Duric

Back in October 2011, I wrote this post about "Later", a short film directed by Simon Duric, adapted from my favourite Michael Marshall Smith short story.

I raved about it and the post has had a steady stream of readers in the ensuing 21 months, which I'm pleased about.

What I'm even more pleased about is that the short is now available at Vimeo, posted by Simon and I've embedded it here.

If you read my post, I hope you like the film - turn up the volume, turn down the lights and enjoy!

Later from Simon Duric on Vimeo.


  1. It is a touching movie, I enjoyed it a lot. The sense of loss, the incapacity of letting go and moving on, the constant melancholy are excellently played. The level of acting is great too and I love the lack of too many words, it gives the movie a new and wonderful dimension. Thank you for pointing "Later" out, Mark! :)

  2. No problem Mihai, glad you enjoyed it!