Monday 29 July 2013

Some vintage Star Wars stuff for Monday

It's the first day of the working week, the most common day for people to feel a little blue.  With that - and truth to tell, this'll probably only work if you're a fan of the films - here are some vintage Star Wars images.

 Unused poster art from 1977.  I like this, though I can see why they didn't use it.

Various Ralph McQuarrie images for the film poster.  The top right has the original versions of Han and Chewie shown.

Cool (industry paper, perhaps?) poster that I haven't seen before

And here are three Ralph McQuarrie concept paintings, which are always a treat...

 Luke on Tatooine

 The 4th moon of Yavin

In the Cloud City Freezing Chamber

I also found a blog-post detailing the history of the logo and font, which is lot more entertaining than it sounds.  The link is here.

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