Monday, 14 June 2021

The Art Of British Comics (in the 70s) - part 4

In his excellent autobiography about editing 2000AD and others, The Mighty One, Steve MacManus writes that the traditional age range for comics readers in the late 70s was the 8-12's (making my golden period 1977- 81).  Looking back at that period of British comics reveals a lot of impressive cover art, much of which remains vivid in my mind.

Since my previous posts (in 2018, 2019 and 2020) I've collected a few more issues and I'm still struck by the high quality of the artwork, both for the strips themselves and the covers and it's a real shame you don't see this kind of thing any more.

So, to once again make up for the lack of hand-drawn colour on comic shelves these days, here's another selection of covers from the 1970s (and sneaking into the 80s).

My favourite childhood comic, I wrote an appreciation of Bullet which you can read here
I wrote an appreciation of Starlord, which you can read here
I wrote an appreciation of Tornado, which you can read here
I wrote an appreciation of The Crunch, which you can read here
Misty gets absorbed...
"Exciting news for all girls who like a good read", code for "your favourite comic is about to disappear".  In this case, this was the last issue of Jinty before it was absorbed into Tammy

If you enjoyed this, I'd highly recommend Great News For All Readers and A Resource On Jinty, two excellent comic blogs


  1. Surprisingly, I have none of the weeklies shown here (not so surprising when it comes to the girls' comics), apart from the issue of The Crunch, of which I have a full set. Maybe some day I'll sit down and start to re-read them.

    1. I re-read a big run of them earlier this year - some padding but, generally, the stories held up pretty well.