Monday, 29 April 2019

The Art Of British Comics (in the 70s) - part 2

Since my last post on British comics in the 70s (which you can read here), I've collected a few more issues via ebay and picked up a couple of reprint collections from Rebellion too.  Time and again, I'm struck by the high quality of the artwork, both for the strips themselves and the covers and I still think it's a real shame you don't see this kind of thing any more.

So, to once again make up for the lack of hand-drawn colour on comic shelves these days, here's another selection of covers from the 1970s.

The issue of Action that caused a whole host of problems for the comic, not only for this cover (and the strip it came from) but also because, in the Look Out For Lefty strip, a footballer is injured when a bottle is thrown at his head by the heroes girlfriend.  For more details, Lew Stringer wrote an excellent blog on the issue, which you can read here 
For more info on Bullet, I blogged about it previously here
I previously blogged about Starlord (you can read the post here)
I blogged about Tornado earlier this year (you can read the post here) as it celebrates its 40th anniversary
I previously blogged about this comic here

If you enjoyed this, I'd highly recommend Great News For All Readers and A Resource On Jinty, two excellent comic blogs

Thanks to Lew Stringer (Action and Warlord covers)

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