Monday 8 April 2019

More Look-In Cover Art

Last year, I posted a blog (which you can read here) highlighting some of the fantastic painted covers of Look-In magazine, one of my must-reads through the late 70s and into the early 80s - I wrote a Nostalgic piece on it in 2016 (which you can read here).  If you don't know the magazine, Look-In was launched on 9th January 1971 by Independent Television Publications Ltd and subtitled ‘The Junior TV Times’, sharing the design and format (glossy paper, colour covers) of its parent, though only running to 24 pages.

Designed and written for kids, it featured the major film stars, pop acts, sports people and TV stars of the day with comic strips, posters and behind the scenes articles.  It also had, until the early 80s, a painted cover (most often produced in acrylic by Arnaldo Putzu, an Italian artist working in London who made his name creating cinema posters in the 60s for the likes of Morecombe & Wise, Hammer, the Carry On series and Get Carter (which I wrote about here)).

So, with little encouragement needed (as ever) and a special focus on 1979 (all of forty years ago), here's another small selection of that wonderful artwork.

A welcome overload of Six Million Dollar Man action!
I tended to read UK comics as a kid but, if I went for an American one, it'd more likely be Marvel with Spider Man.  Having said that, I was really looking forward to this film!
Ah, The Incredible Hulk and as much as we knew it was Lou Ferringo in a brillo pad wig, I still reckon it's better than the current CGI version!
Roger Moore returns, this time with Moonraker
Everybody of  a certain age begins to sing "We are the Famous Five..."
I'd been waiting for this...
I remember, at the time, really enjoying Buck Rogers (id-biddi-biddi okay Buck!) but I now don't recall too much of it (perhaps a good thing?)
Ah, Debbie...

for more, there's a great Look-In archive on Facebook here

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