Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Happy Birthday Nick

On the 21st, my oldest and best friend Nick became a fellow member of the Half-Century Club.
Nick, Alison, me and Dude, January 2019
I wrote about Nick in 2014 (you can read the post here) and everything in it still holds true.  We first met in September 1976, the first day of junior school - I was new to Rothwell and didn't know anyone else in the class - and the teacher sat us next to each other.  We became firm friends that day and, wonderfully, we still are.
detail of school photograph, Rothwell Juniors, 1977, with Nick on the left
Over the years, we've had some great times (and some down times), we've run the world, put on plays, saw Jarre at the Docklands, holidayed, laughed and had terrific adventures together.  My brother-from-another-mother (as kids we spent so much time in each others houses you got fed by whichever Mum was in your orbit), I was his Best Man, he was mine and he's Dude's godfather.

I saw two quotes which I think sum Nick & I up perfectly.  The first is more sentimental...

A good friend knows all your best stories, a Best Friend has lived them with you

The second made me laugh and would have the same effect on him...

I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile.  Then walk into a pole.

Happy birthday Nick and here's to many more!
1979, Mum attempts to skateboard.  I'm holding onto her, Nick's in front of me
1986, last day of school (Sixth Form trip to Great Yarmouth) - from left; James MacDonald, Steve Corton, me, Phil Cross, Nick (he wore that top hat for years...)
1987, off on a bike ride
1988, on Corton beach with Tracy and Sarah
1988, high above Bath in the back of a Hercules (Nick was in the RAF at the time)
1990, on the way to his wedding, his mum's car broke down.  Not the best start, it has to be said...
1998, our wedding day
2009, pulling faces with Dude in Taddiport
2013, in Market Harborough
2015, post heart attack and weight loss (both mine)