Monday 15 June 2020

The Art Of British Comics (in the 70s) - part 3

According to Steve MacManus' excellent autobiography The Mighty One, the traditional age range for comics readers in the late 70s was the 8-12's (making my golden period 1977- 81).  Looking back at that period of British comics reveals a lot of impressive cover art, much of which remains vivid in my mind.

Since my previous posts (you can read the 2018 one here, the 2019 one here) I've collected a few more issues via ebay, retro shops and picked up a couple of reprint collections from Rebellion too.  Time and again, I'm struck by the high quality of the artwork, both for the strips themselves and the covers and I still think it's a real shame you don't see this kind of thing any more.

So, to once again make up for the lack of hand-drawn colour on comic shelves these days, here's another selection of covers from the 1970s (and sneaking into the 80s).

My favourite childhood comic, I wrote an appreciation of Bullet which you can read here
I wrote an appreciation of Starlord, which you can read here
I wrote an appreciation of The Crunch, which you can read here

If you enjoyed this, I'd highly recommend Great News For All Readers and A Resource On Jinty, two excellent comic blogs

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  1. Ah, there was something about the colouring back then, wasn't there, MW?! (Your initials are the same when turned upside down.) I loved the cover colouring on comics like Wham!, Smash!, and Pow!.