Monday, 25 May 2020

Dad... (and that exasperated tone)

In June 2014 (you can see it here), I posted a Calvin & Hobbes strip where his Dad has an amusing way of explaining certain things and revisited the situation in May 2016 (you can see it here).

Dude's 15 tomorrow and doesn't ask me many 'big' questions any more - most of his queries revolve around why I listen to the kind of music I do (he calls The Killers "your favourite emo-Goth band" so I sing him Mr Brightside acapella and give him a lovely ear-worm for the rest of the day) or if I can get him a FIFA/PS4 topup voucher from Amazon.
2020 - he's sprouting up!
I understand this, I really do but it doesn't mean I have to particularly enjoy it - I miss those days of giving him the right answer and seeing the revelation in his eyes as much as I miss giving him a weird answer and seeing his little frown that said "really?  Are you sure Dad?"

So in honour of that little boy who's now a strapping mid-teen (seriously, where the hell did that time go?), here are some musings from Calvin's Dad, which I wish I'd thought of...
and then, sometimes, he gets his own back...

Rude Dude, 2011
Happy birthday Dude, love you oodles...

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