Monday, 23 May 2016

Dad.... (another exasperated tone)

Back in June 2014 (you can see it here), I posted a Calvin & Hobbes strip where his Dad has an amusing way of explaining certain things.

Now that he's getting older, Dude doesn't ask me so many 'big' questions and I kind of miss that (I understand the process, we're getting older, yadda yadda, it doesn't mean I have to enjoy time whipping by though, does it?) - I miss giving him the right answer and seeing the revelation in his eyes but I also miss giving him a weird answer and that little frown he has, as if to say "really?  Are you sure Dad?"

So in honour of that little boy who is eleven (where the hell did that time go?) on Thursday, here are some more of Calvin's Dad's musing, which I wish I'd thought of...

Me & Dude, May 2006 (he'd just turned one)
Me & Dude, May 2016

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