Monday 22 October 2012

"What Gets Left Behind" continues to shine!

“What Gets Left Behind” continues to pick up some nice notices, as the chapbook gets out to the subscribers.  As I mentioned before, it’s always great to see something that you wrote connecting with people and in that spirit, I’ll share some of the reviews here!

First up, R. B. Harkness posted his review up at Goodreads (which can be seen on this link).  He says “Loved Mark West's style in this short story, wonderfully atmospheric, with deeply vivid descriptions.”

Gary Fry posted to the Spectral Press Facebook page (which can be seen on this link).  In an in-depth, articulate and critical review he writes, “I enjoyed this chapbook – an effective example of what we might call ‘nostalgic horror’ (hey, we 40-somethings dominate the field now) [with] nice, crisp writing, and well paced suspense. The ending, too, is strong, with a lot of suggestive material contributing towards a well-timed last few lines.” 

Dave Jeffery, also at Goodreads (which can be seen on this link) says “Mark West uses the evocative tenets of nostalgia and grief to weave a ‘coming of age’ tale that throbs with regret. The writing has a smooth sheen and the reader glides through the narrative with ease.”

Staying at Goodreads (see the review on this link), Gef Fox writes The atmosphere of early 80s, small town Britain is captured about as crisply as one could ask for. Despite a few mentions of local trivia, this Canadian was able to get swept right up in the tale.  The boyish mix of naivety and intrepidness came through with remarkable clarity, to the point that it rivals any Stephen King yarn like The Body.

Finally, for now, Anthony Watson, over at Dark Musings (click this link to see itsays, “High standards have already been set in this series of chapbooks (this is number 7) so the question is whether this new story by Mark West maintains those standards. The answer is a resounding yes, something that will come as no surprise to anyone who's read any of Mark's previous work.”

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