Saturday 28 July 2012

Forthcoming charity auction

Okay, here's my plan, what do you think to it?

Simon Marshall-Jones' Spectral Press has garnered a very good reputation in the almost 2 years that it's been running, with its chapbook series selling out long before each volume is published (but why not subscribe to future ones, whilst you have the chance?). This has, of course, put Spectral in the enviable position that it's books are very highly sought after.

The next chapbook, number 7, is mine - "What Gets Left Behind" - and, like its predecessors, it's sold out. In an attempt to do something good from that, I'm going to hold an Internet based raffle with the prize being a copy of all 7 chapbooks so far published (all of which come from my personal collection, with each edition being limited to 100 copies). The others are all signed anyway, but I will obviously personalise mine however the winner wants it.

My intention is that the proceeds will be split equally (I'm thinking one child charity, The MS Society - in memory of my sister, a local charity and another to be decided). I will cover PayPal costs and postage.

Any thoughts?


  1. Sounds like a great plan, Mark. I'd mention it to the BFS if I were you to help get publicity, but I guess you'd already thought of that. Are you clear on how you will pick the winners?

  2. Thanks, Tim. I've been trying to think of a way to draw the numbers without having people accuse me of favouritism or whatever. I'm considering a random number generator and filming that - or maybe I could bring the entries along to the NSFWG and get someone there to draw the numbers!