Tuesday 24 July 2012

A little bit of politics...

Open letter to David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary:

Dear Morally Righteous Dipstick

Whilst I completely understand (and actually agree with) your position, regarding cash-in-hand payments to plumbers, builders and the like, I think it’s a bit rich your saying that it’s “morally wrong” of the householder to do so.

Bearing in mind the situation between your colleagues at the HMRC and their ineptitude with Goldman Sachs and Vodafone - plus Tory friend Gary Barlow and his £26m stashed in the same off-shore accounts that Jimmy Carr used - I would suggest that you are “morally wrong” to make this statement. You’d need a lot of ‘Fred the plumber’ payments to cover the interest on the Vodafone £1.25bn and that’s just for starters, isn’t it?

Don’t make us, the general public, feel bad for your complete inability to tax the people and corporations that should - be any stretch of the imagination - be actually paying tax.

Yours in disbelief at your gross stupidity

Mark West
(tax payer)

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