Tuesday 7 April 2015

What Gets Left Behind, now available as an ebook

In 1981, Gaffney was terrorised by the Rainy Day Abductor.

Local girls went missing.

And two boys made a terrifying discovery.

Now one of them has come home, to try and lay the past to rest.

In September 2012, Spectral Press published my story "What Gets Left Behind" as the seventh in their acclaimed limited-edition chapbook line (and I was thrilled that it sold out four months prior to publication).  No ebook version was released.

Since the original run was limited to 100 print copies, I thought it might be a good idea to publish the story in a digital edition and - having spoken with Simon Marshall-Jones at Spectral - that's precisely what I've done.  At the present time, there are no definite plans in place for any further print editions of this story.

The ebook version of "What Gets Left Behind" is essentially the same as the print one (with just a few minor tweaks) but includes an exclusive afterword where I spend 1,500 words talking about how the story came together.  The digital edition was built by Tim C. Taylor of Greyhart Press and I designed the new cover.

The ebook is available on Kindle now and for a limited time you can pick it up for 99p...

"Very strong writing and with a nice evocation of time and place.  West conjures the sense of a particular era with skill and the horrors he finds there are universal."
- Gary McMahon, author of "The Concrete Grove" trilogy

“Where this story excels is Mark’s amazing talent at intertwining the stories narrative with an emotional depth and detail, that will stir the emotions of the reader.  Mark West’s writing has a heart and soul that many writers would kill for.”
- Jim McLeod, at Ginger Nuts Of Horror

"Mark West has a knack for making the bonds that bind friends and family tangible and very
real. In What Gets Left Behind those bonds reach forward from the past to ensnare Mike and
draw him back to a place he never wanted to visit again...”
- Ian Whates, author of “City Of Dreams & Nightmare” and “The Noise Within”

“[A story] about loss and regret, as well as unsettled ghosts.  If you love the terror of good horror then there’s plenty for you in this slow-burner. And if, like me, you enjoy Mark West’s writing, there’s even more.”
- Sue Moorcroft, author of “All That Mullarkey” and “The Wedding Proposal” 

"What Gets Left Behind" garnered some very good reviews for me and I'm proud of the story.  If you decide to take a chance on it, I hope you enjoy it.

And I'll leave you with the Rude Dude Films trailer, complete with a soundtrack from the fine Gary Cole-Wilkin.
Pick up the ebook...

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