Monday, 27 January 2014

More tales of fatherhood

Dude & I enjoy going to Leicester (it has Forbidden Planet, some decent 2nd hand bookshops, a decent toyshop, our friend Joe's great retro toyshop and a wonderful food place - a hole in the wall called Toast, which is lovely) but Alison isn't so keen so we tend to go on our own.

My favourite music critic, photographed
in London last year (he wasn't listening
to my singing at the time this was taken)
We went on Saturday morning and, between us, chose the first Queen greatest hits CD to accompany us.

He was singing along to the bits he knew and then we got to "Bicycle Race", which contains this couplet -

"You say shark I say hey man/Jaws was never my scene/And I don't like Star Wars" 

Dude looked at me and said "Surely he can't mean that..."

Later on, as we drove past the Ibis on the way to Highcross, he turned the CD off altogether. I asked what was up.

"It was just getting to me," he said.

"What, the song or my singing?"

He looked at me gravely. "I don't want to hurt your feelings," he said, "but both."

That's me told then.


  1. Wow - my dad used top work in Leicester and sometimes we'd go in on a Saturday & he worked whilst we shopped - on the drive back to Nottingham I'm *sure* we passed that toy shop & I looked out at it wistfully every time. I hope it's the same one; the photo in the link certainly looks familiar...

  2. It might have been one before - Joe only moved there about six months or so ago.