Thursday, 30 January 2014

First sale of the year

I've just had an email from Ross Warren, who is editing "Darkest Minds" (from Dark Minds Press) along with Anthony Watson, to say that my story "Time Waits..." will appear in the anthology.

As you can imagine, I'm really chuffed about it.

photograph by Dineshraj Goomany, used under CCL - digital manipulation by me
The story concerns a man who finds himself obsessing about time and how to cheat it, mainly on his morning commute (something that I find myself doing a lot too).  In taking a short cut - and encountering a peculiar cyclist - he realises that he might just have achieved it.

It’s a bizarre little tale, I think, filled with some odd images but taking place almost exclusively on a quiet country road.  I put it through as one of my critique spots from The Northampton SF Writers Group and whilst I didn’t take on board all of the comments I received, it was a helpful process.

I hope you like it and the anthology as a whole - this is the second Dark Minds collection I’ve appeared in and I was very pleased with the company I kept last time!