Friday 18 October 2013

INXS Friday briefly returns...

Earlier this week I wrote a lengthy blog post about INXS' 1993 Get Out Of The House tour, which will appear later this month and because I was then in an INXS-kinda-mood, Alison & I watched the Live Baby Live DVD.

Way back when, I used to post INXS videos here on a Friday (hence INXS Friday - hey, I never said I was smart) and so I decided to briefly revive the tradition with two versions of one of my favourite songs (which, ironically, wasn't actually written by INXS at all).

The first version was recorded as an Australian-only stand-alone single in March 1981 and reached number 20 in the charts, later featuring on the 1982 compilation album INXSive.  The song also appeared, in a dramatically different arrangement, on their 1987 album KICK.  The second video, featuring the KICK arrangement, comes from the 1991 live album/CD Live Baby Live.

The song was written by Ian Clyne, Gerry Humphrys & Rob Lovett, members of the band The Loved Ones which formed in Melbourne in 1965.  The band split in 1967 but the song really did live on, being selected as number 6 on the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA)'s list of Top 30 Australian songs of all time.

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