Wednesday 13 October 2010

The way he makes me laugh...

In our house, we’ve moved to the default routine that it’s my job to get Dude bathed and ready for bed and to read his bedtime story (or, as is more frequently the case now, to have it read to me). Last night, as he & I had been out for a wander/bike ride after dinner, I thought it might be nice for Alison to get some time with him and put him to bed. I asked him and he pondered the question for a moment, as Alison & I stood there waiting. He decided to solve it the same way important issues have been solved for centuries - a quick case of eenie-meenie-me-nee-moe.

He went through his little poem, different to the one I remember learning at school and it slowly became obvious to all of us that he’d miscalculated - moe was going to end up on Alison. I smiled. He got to the end:

eenie - pointing at me
meenie - pointing at Alison
me-nee -pointing at me
mo - pointing at Alison, quickly followed by
wuh - pointing at me

It made both of us laugh so much that, even though I offered to let her go up, I ended up putting him to bed and telling him a story.

I have a wonderful little kid, I really do.

- - -
In other news, the publisher passed on the zombie pitch. Bummer. He liked the prose, but the plot didn’t move him. Ah, bugger. I wrote back, thanking him for his time and for coming back to me so quickly. He said to approach him again with ideasand I probably will - I think I have the start of another one, even as I type this - but at the moment, I’m just licking my wounds a little.

However, onwards and ever upwards. I’m doing a little bit of writing in Gaffney over the next few days for another project (which is looking hopeful) and then I’m back to the Lost Film novella.

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