Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Terror Scribes Are Gathering

Terror Scribes Gathering
The Lansdowne, 121-123 London Road, Leicester
Saturday 17th July, 1pm to 8pm
Free Entry

Yes, the Terror Scribes are gathering once one. There’ll be plenty of the usual stuff going on - talks, readings, eating, drinking, plenty of chat - plus the raffle, which this time is going to the EDGE charity (which works to help species which are evolutionarily distinct and on the verge of extinction). As always, attendees are encouraged to bring items of their own work along for the raffle, which has always proved very popular in the past.

I’ll be doing a reading, probably from my “Life Once Lived” chapbook (which will then go into the raffle) and Simon Marshall-Jones (who I’ll get to meet face-to-face for the first time, having been an online chum now for some time) will also be getting up to face the public.

As always, come evening time, we’ll retire to a local curry house (as advised by Leicester locals Jay Eales & Selina Locke) and then, for those with sturdy constitutions, a trip to the nightspots of the city.

This year, unfortunately, David Price won’t be able to attend (he’s suffering with some health problems at the moment -
why not pop along to his blog and wish him all the best?) and that’ll be a real blow for me - seeing Dave’s beaming face and dulcet tones and terrible jokes are always a gathering (and FCon) highlight for me.

Anyway, to further tempt you, this link will take you to some con reports I wrote about previous gatherings.

I hope to see you there.


  1. I am looking forward to the day immensely, Mark... not sure if others are feeling same excitment about meeting me =D... I'll probably be reading out the "Appearances can be deceptive..." blog entry as a way of reasuring people that I am not actually a serial killer... LOL

    Roll on Saturday!

  2. That was a good blog, Simon, should go down well. It'd also tie in nicely with the preconception about horror writers, being sweet looking little kids and having all this horror in their heads ;-)

    Are you going for the curry?