Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sad News

Before I met Alison, way back in 1992, I spent a year in a relationship with a lady called Liz, who had a daughter Emma, who was about 2. When Liz and I split, it was amicable and we still speak when we meet up and I’m proud of that. A downside, obviously, was that I didn’t see much of Emma any more.

When “Conjure” came out, I corresponded with Emma briefly through Facebook – Liz is apparently a Luddite, who hadn’t joined up – and by then, she was looking ahead to the future, planning on working at an outdoors activity centre in Scotland. I wished her well, she wished me well, we said goodbye.

I got an email today from Sue Moorcroft, my writing chum who – unbeknownst to us when we first met – was a mutual friend with Liz. The email was titled “Sad News” and that was spot on. Emma died yesterday. We’re still unsure of the details, but it appears she was working at an outdoor activity centre, doing what she loved and fell.

I have no words, other than to say my heart and thoughts go out to Liz, Glen and their daughter Bronte at this terribly sad time. It’s never good when anyone dies, but somebody who’s just into their twenties, just about to start out on life, well, it’s simply just not right.

RIP, Emma.


  1. Really sad to read about that, Mark.
    My sympathy.

  2. Thank you, Des, I'll pass your kind words along.