Tuesday 30 March 2010


I don’t often flag up stuff on this blog - books or films or records that I’m really impressed with - in the hope that when I do, it means that I’m impressed enough to try and mobilise people to partake as well.

As some of you may know, I review films for VideoVista and I enjoy it - I get to watch free films and, quite often, poke big holes in them with my pen. That’s always nice. Sometimes I get films that are, purely and simply, a waste of whatever goes into making a DVD and represent time from my life that I’ll never get back (Uwe Boll! I’m talking to you!). Occasionally, there are some pretty good films that have fallen through the cracks and it’s nice to have the opportunity to bring more attention to them.

And then we have Salvage. A very low budget British film (filmed on the old Brookside Close set, no less), I knew only that “Raymondo” from “Ashes To Ashes” was in it and assumed it was a comedy-thriller about the looting of those washed-ashore containers a few years back in Dorset.

How wrong I was.

In this case, I found the review very hard to write because, quite simply, it’s best to go into the film without knowing anything about it. But if you’re a fan of British horror film, gritty, grubby and dark, then this is for you. I finish my review (which you can read in full on this link) with this:

“Bleak, intense, genuinely frightening and unsettling, this is a superbly made piece of British horror cinema - it might not be the most original idea ever, but it’s told with guts and style and not a little grit that make it really stand out head and shoulders from the pack.”

Go and watch this film, support the UK horror film industry and enjoy a frightening, intense 75 minutes.

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