Friday, 5 March 2010

Sometimes, the old ones are really the best...

I had the day off today, so after dropping Matthew off at school (he’s now decided he likes Dr Who, so we’re going to look for Daleks on YouTube over the weekend) and taking Alison for breakfast and then to work, I hit Tesco. As I was wandering down the crisp aisle, INXS and “New Sensation” came onto my MP3 player - I’m sure I wasn’t singing out loud, but it’s a great song and I apologise to any of my fellow shoppers if the occasional stray “out-loud” words frightened them.

I picked up Q when I was there and read it this evening and there was a big article on the death of Michael Hutchence - an intriguing coincidence, I thought, so tonight I had a look on YouTube and found this song. Not “New Sensation” (the video doesn’t appear to be there), but one of my favourites none the less - it’s a good song but, more importantly, it’s a great video. The band all look so young and full of energy, they were still working to conquer the world (“Kick” was a few years away) and I love the fact that we see them in London so early on.
So here we are, INXS and “Burn For You”…

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