Monday, 22 February 2010

Everything comes back around

Still battling this damned lurgy, it’s been well over a week now and I still feel as rough as a bag of bricks. But I won’t complain…

It was my niece Lucy’s Christening on Sunday and we had a great day - I love being the Godfather. As we were getting ready to go, I put on my suit and Matthew was in the bedroom with me. As I was putting my tie on, he asked if he could wear one and, for a moment, I was stumped. Then I remembered my old red leather skinny tie, from back in the 80s, which was still in my wardrobe. So I pulled it out, tied it for him and put the excess (and there was a lot) in his pocket. And my goodness, did the Dude look cool? Well, I’ll let you decide:
This is Dude, yesterday, looking like he just stepped fresh out of the New Wave scene in the early 80s. Seriously, how cool does he look?

And this is me, in 1987 (or thereabouts), modelling the same tie. I didn't always look like this in the 80s, but we used to go to the chicken & chip discos at the Hunting Lodge (back when it wasn't quite as refined as it is today) and we all took the piss out of the chicken (if you got a couple of forkfuls of meat, you were lucky). Anyway, ignore the facial expression and the chicken, check out the tie!

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