Sunday, 28 February 2010

I know some writers...

Yesterday, Matthew & I called into Waterstones Kettering as my friend, Sue Moorcroft, was having a signing there. It’s been a while since we spoke, face-to-face and it was nice to catch up with her - and for her to meet Matthew. What was even nicer was to see and appreciate how far she’s come in her career since we met at Kettering Writers Workshop (see previous entry).

I picked up a copy of her book - “Starting Over” - and was pleased to see that I had a mention in the acknowledgements (where I persuaded her to not use the word ‘piratical’ quite so much). I first read the book, years ago, as “Fresh Sheets” and thoroughly enjoyed - it was also one of the first full critiques I ever did. Sue has a light, non-fussy style, her books are amusing and elegantly constructed and never give you exactly what you expect to get. Her follow-up book, “All That Mullarkey” is even better and I actually have Beth reading it in “Conjure” (which was written in 2004, to give you an idea of timelines) - that book will be published later this year.

It’s nice to see when people you know, who have a love of the craft and a real skill, actually do well for themselves. Sue is making real in-roads into the Romance/Chick-Lit arena, over in horror Gary McMahon (for one) seems to be taking off like a rocket and now Conrad Williams is coming out with a dark crime novel (and I’m really looking forward to that).
In other news, I haven’t done any writing yet.

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