Friday, 19 February 2010

It's been a weird week

I was all set, this week, to ramp up my creative juices and get cracking with ZoQuNo and what should happen? Well, even I'm not entirely sure, except that I started to feel a bit off-colour on Sunday, to such an extent that even getting out of bed on Monday morning was an ordeal. I think, between Monday and Wednesday, I slept more than I have in the past two weeks and I only ate a quarter of the food. I felt bad - really, really bad. It's now Friday evening as I write this and whilst my sleeping and eating is a bit more on-track, my ears, nose and throat aren't anywhere near. Even Alison decided it wasn't man-flu by Tuesday!

With the few waking hours I've had, apart from spending loads of time with Matthew, I've been reading - two Three Investigator books and "The Complete Making Of Indiana Jones", which I bought with my birthday money. Excellent tome, well worth a read - I reviewed it over at Goodreads.

I have done a little bit of creative stuff, a book trailer for "Life Once Lived" - the publisher is just looking over it now and once he's signed it off, I'll post it up here.

This weekend - assuming I'm feeling better and not evacuating record-breaking levels of (what looks to be the colour of re-animation fluid) snot - I get to be Godfather to Lucy. I have the set now - births, deaths and marriages (I've delivered a eulogy to someone who really shouldn't have needed one for many more years, performed every male-orientated task at a wedding except father of the bride - best man twice) - and I'm really looking forward to it.

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