Thursday, 4 August 2016

Embrace life...

Two years ago today, I suffered my heart attack which - in every sense - was a life-changing happenstance.  As I wrote last year about my "Fall Guy" Summer, I'd already started to make certain changes but the cardiac episode really focussed my attention.

Two years on, I'm maintaining my weight loss (as of Monday I was 73lb, or 33kgs, down on my peak weight), still walking 15-20 miles a week (and down to 13 minutes a mile now!), as fit as I've ever been and very much embracing life.  Which, although it was perhaps a tough way to do it, is the lesson I have taken from the incident.

Life's too short, people, embrace it!

Me & Dude - from the top: Taken this past weekend on a Pokemon hunt, June 2015, June 2014
The blog is off on its annual two-week holiday, so see you back here on the 23rd.

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