Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy birthday Snoopy (but really about my sister)!

Happy birthday to Snoopy who is, apparently, 63 today.

When we were growing up, my sister Tracy loved Snoopy - she had a cuddly toy who went everywhere with her, we watched the films together, she had a massive collection of the books, posters, the lot. Since she died, I have begun to collect the books myself and I understand why I'm doing it, but it's also a strip I like because it both amuses me and makes me feel nostalgic.

The Sharman side of the family in 1979, gathered at ours for a trip to Rowell Fair.  Me and TJ are front row right and there's Snoopy, obviously a lot newer than I ever remember him being!

Her childhood Snoopy (who was so well loved and travelled that Mum had to sew a collar onto him to keep his head on his body) joined her on her final journey but I'm sure both of them would have been celebrating today.

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