Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Guest post at Sue Moorcroft's blog

My good friend Sue Moorcroft is a great writer and a great person.  We first met in 1999, at Kettering Writers Group, where she & I were the only published writers.  As she says, “[we] sat at the back and sniggered, passed notes and probably annoyed everyone else. We also set up a critiquing partnership that endured.

I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing all but two of her six novels (and some of her sparkling novellas) - her latest is sitting in my Inbox waiting for me - I’ve loved them all (my personal favourite is All That Mullarkey, because I fancy the heroine).  Click here to find out more about her books at Amazon.

To celebrate the publication of her latest novel, Dream A Little Dream - new out from Choc Lit and well worth a read - she has been running a blogathon and asked me to be a part of it.  My entry appears today, it’s about dreams and I’m thrilled to be included so why not click the link below, have a read and support Sue!

me and Sue, at Alt-Fiction, Leicester, April 2012


  1. Nice blog, Mark. Thank you for the exposure! :-)

  2. Lovely photo! You look great, Sue.