Thursday, 17 May 2012

BFS Awards longlist

Following on from my previous post, the BFS have now published their longlists.

I didn't realise this, but I was at a meeting of the Northampton Speculative Fiction Writers Group tonight in Earls Barton and my fellow NSFWG-er Tim C Taylor (also my publisher, through Greyhart Press) told me I was listed for "The Mill".

I checked and he's absolutely right - "The Mill" is listed in Best Novella. What's as nice is that "ill at ease", the collection I co-created and co-edited with Stephen Bacon and Neil Williams is also listed (as is Neil's story, "Closer Than You Think").

I may not have made the long-list, but I'm pretty damned chuffed to get onto the longlist and thanks to whoever voted/nominated me.

In other news, I finished the 1st draft of a nunsploitation story today - a cheerful, gruesome 70s throwback. I like it, I just hope the editor who asked me for it does.


  1. Congratulations - well deserved (bad pun intended)

  2. Thanks, James - and thank you for your support too.