Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Alt-Zombie's here!

The Nunsploitation story went well and will appear in the anthology that asked for it, hopefully later on this year (ebook first, then as a print edition), so more details as and when. I have to say, I’m really pleased with it, as I am about the following news.

Now available on Amazon and all good on-line stores. From the publisher who brought you Alt-Dead & Fogbound From 5, Hersham Horror Books is proud to bring you 21 Alternative Zombie stories.

Featuring original short stories from David Williamson, Alison Littlewood, Joe McKinney Mark West, Jan Edwards, Stuart Young, Richard Farren Barber, Katherine Tomlinson, R.J. Gaulding, Stuart Hughes, Rachelle Bronson, Adrian Chamberlin William Meikle, Shaun Hamilton, Stephen Bacon Dave Jeffery, Gary McMahon, Shaun Jeffrey Jay Eales, Selina Lock, Zach Black plus a bonus story only available in the print version.

Includes zombie stories from a UK #1 bestseller, British Fantasy Award winners, a Bram Stoker Award winner and a writer from the original Pan Book of Horrors....

Amazon UK Link: £8.99

Amazon US Link: $13.79

The Book Depository: £8.74

Barnes & Noble US: $9.99

Hersham Horror Books, we don’t do reprints only newly written works of horror fiction. This book may also be used as a weapon in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Really pleased to see this, since it not only features my story “In Cars” but I also contributed the cover art.

In fact, I thought it might be of interest to follow the path of the artwork. After discussions with Pete, I came up with a ‘dead face’ concept and worked through several variations, which he liked but ultimately felt was just a little too creepy.

Coming up with some other ideas quickly, I found a picture of a bloody hand and that was the Eureka! moment. I re-created the picture with new elements (the test was a found photograph) and that’s what you see as the final result.

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