Monday 20 September 2010

Incidents In Quiet Places is now available

is my new, digital-only collection, published by Ghostwriter Publications and contains ten of my previously published short stories. These are:

A StirringA hiking holiday in the Canuris range of Wales goes horribly wrong

Risen Wife
A grief-stricken widower is surprised when he opens the door to his newly-dead wife.

Cottage By The Sea
A holiday cottage, a centuries-old wrong-doing and strange shapes in the water

A Bug Supper
Is the fancy dress party everything it’s supposed to be?

Sleep Deeply
What happens if, one day, you simply forget to breathe?

Thank You For The MusicAll she wanted was to sing.

All The Rage
What road rage can sometimes lead to, if the persecuted is pushed hard enough.

What happens on these darkened streets, Grandad?

When a man, obsessed by time, seems to run out of it. Literally.

For the man who loves feet…

And from my foreword:
My first collection, “Strange Tales”, contained what I considered to be my best fiction up to 2002. This has no cross-over material, containing a mixture of newer stories and some which were left out for reasons of space.

There are zombie stories, quiet and dramatic; there are a couple of very black comedies (about the music business and foot fetishists); there are two very dark, hyper-realistic nightmares that were tough to write; a surreal adventure into time, or the lack of it; a story about bugs and another about the worry I used to have, that I’d suddenly forget to stop breathing; and a tale about a cottage, sitting near a beach in Wales, where I had a lovely holiday.

None of the incidents in the stories, it should go without saying, really happened though each of them, in one way or another, contain a lot of biographical details. It’s virtually impossible, I would have said, to write something and not include parts of yourself and your loved ones in it. That is, of course, if something is written with honesty. And all of these are - whether the monster in the story is in the protagonists head or wants to bite it off - are honest, in that I hope they all say something about the life around me, the writer, as I was creating the tale.

I hope you enjoy what follows, I had a good time writing them and it’s great to see them having a fresh start in life.
Download the book here, from Smashwords, where it is available on most digital formats.

Come and get it!


  1. Bought, now need to find a quiet moment to read it! Looking forward to reading the rest of The Risen Wife.

  2. Thanks, Selina, I do appreciate it! Hope you like the stories.