Friday, 27 August 2010

I'm writing!

I’ve just this minute sent off my finished short, for consideration in the NewCon press anthology and I’m basking in the glow that comes from having worked the story up, written it, got some critiques and completed three drafts, in a week. That’s the kind of speed I thought I’d left behind in the early noughties, so I’m taking it as a sign that joining the Northampton SF Writers Group was a great move on my part.

I’ve also been making other plans to keep myself up to speed and so, suddenly, I seem to have a whole plate full of things:

* I have my “collaboration that isn’t”, with a fellow writer I like and respect. I’m using the lost film idea I had a while back and I’m hoping to leap into that next week.

* I have some more artwork to complete for Pendragon Press, for a project that Chris Teague has just announced. He’s producing a PDF ‘sampler’, taken from the anthology “Tourniquet Heart”, which he edited and was released through Prime Books back in 2002. My story “Up For Anything” appeared in that and will also appear in the PDF, along with a host of other writers. I am producing little photo-montages for each tale.

* The zombie novel. Come on!

* A four-writer-thingy collection, with Simon Marshall-Jones, Adrian Chamberlain and Mark Deniz. We’re at an early stage with the project at the moment (Simon & I discussed it at the Terror Scribes gathering and Mark came on board this week) so there’s not much to tell, but it’ll be published next year, press to be announced. Could be interesting.

So there we go, all of a sudden, I’m a busy boy. And, following the comments from Mick Curtis about “In The Rain With The Dead” and my joy at producing a short in a week, my confidence is riding high!

Let’s go!