Monday, 23 March 2020

Mixtape round-up

When I curated the King For A Year Project during 2015, a lovely side-note to it was the occasional email from readers saying a review had prompted them to pick up a book they wouldn't have tried otherwise.  Following this, I decided to set up a similar project that, while smaller in scale, definitely wasn't in scope.  Harking back to the 80s glory days of the homemade mixtape (that wonderful teenage rite-of-passage), I began creating Mixtape posts, compiling a list of horror short stories sorted around a particular theme.

The intention was to create a list - some you might have heard of, some might be new to you - picked and reviewed by a rotating crew of friends from the horror writing community.  Thankfully, the idea struck a chord and I got some great feedback, especially that we managed to introduce new favourites to people.  So, with the current situation of people self-isolating against the Corona Virus, here's a round-up of those Mixtapes and almost 150 suggestions of great stories to read.

The Brit Horror Mixtape (from 2016)

The leader of the pack, this collected 24 tales by British writers.
You can read the whole Mixtape here.

The American Horror Mixtape (from 2016)

Arriving two months after the Brits, this collected 30 stories by a variety of US writers.
You can read the whole Mixtape here.

The Women In Horror Mixtape (from 2017)

To coincide with Women In Horror month, this collected 38 tales.
You can read the whole Mixtape here.

The Stephen King Mixtape (from 2018)

Going back to the well, this collected 28 stories from the man who kept so many of us on the horror track.
You can read the whole Mixtape here.

The 70s/80s Horror Mixtape (from 2019)

Harking back to the period of time when I (and a lot of my friends) first discovered horror, this collects 28 stories from a variety of writers.
You can read the whole Mixtape here.

As always, I hope these posts bring something new to your attention and, who knows, your new favourite short story could be included here!

Stay safe!

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