Monday 9 April 2018

Look-In Cover Art

In 2016 I wrote a Nostalgic post about Look-In, a much loved magazine of my childhood.  Looking back over those old covers was a marvellous experience, reminding me of TV shows and films I'd forgotten and helping me see where some of my interests (not least The Six Million Dollar Man, Blondie and behind-the-scenes stuff) were shaped and honed.

In keeping with another of my interests, most of the Look-In covers in the 70s were painted in acrylic by Arnaldo Putzu.  An Italian artist working in London, he made his name creating cinema posters in the 1960’s for the likes of Morecombe & Wise, Hammer (Creatures the World Forgot and The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires), the Carry On series and Get Carter (which I wrote about here).  Though other artists sometimes contributed artwork (including Arthur Ranson), his cover reign ran from 1973 through to 1981 and still looks glorious today.

Interestingly enough, my strongest memories were sparked by the covers from 1978, when I was nine (all of forty years ago) and so, with little other encouragement needed (as ever), here's a selection of that wonderful artwork.

One of the first issues I ever had - and it yielded at least one Six Million Dollar Man poster for my bedroom wall!
Huge in the 70s, Abba were frequent cover stars.  I've picked this one in particular because I love the fact their clothes are either unfinished (probably the real answer) or stylised (probably the official answer)
My favourite Bond and my favourite Bond film (which I wrote about here)
Star Wars had just opened nationally when this was published.  I was very, very eager to see it!
One of my first glimpses of the skateboard phenomenon, along with rising excitement for the World Cup
I'm assuming Benny Hill was very happy with this cover...
The promised poster of Debbie Harry probably ended up on my bedroom wall too
My parents used the term "hit parade", I don't ever remember doing so, it was always the Top 40 to me
Everyone of a certain age is probably, as they read this, hearing "Julian, Dick & Anne, George and Timmy the dog..."
I loved Return Of The Saint!
CHiPs (my sister and I used to ride two-abreast on the street, pretending we were Jon & Ponch). Lee Majors is looking a bit fluffy here, isn't he?
Ah, The Book Tower...

for more, there's a great Look-In archive on Facebook here


  1. Wonderful nostalgic post Mark,I used to love look in magazine.Kids tv shows where so much more scary and intelligent than kids shows these days which Just seem to be about teenagers running around and screaming their heads off.

    1. Thanks Nicki - and what I've seen of kids TV over the past few years, I'd agree.

  2. Thanks mark. Brings back wonderful memories. I remember asking my mum to get me the latest issue of look in sometime around 1974 and she came back with look and learn magazine instead which then sparked off yet another reading obsession in me