Monday 30 June 2014

500th blog post!

500 posts.  Who’d have thought it, eh?

When I hit 400 posts last year I blogged about it and did a little run-down of what had happened to me since I began this site back in 2009.

Since post 400 (back in September 2013), my “Strange Tales” collection has been re-issued, I’ve reviewed a load of books,written some (very well received, if the hits are anything to go by) 'behind the scenes' posts about matte paintings, discussed “Star Wars” and INXS and anything else that took my fancy, sold some stories, started my “all time top 10 Three Investigators list”, got involved in the “Carrie At 40” celebrations, written some stuff about fatherhood and life and, generally, had a good time (including attending the excellent WFC in Brighton).

It’s been great and all being well there’s plenty more to come, so roll on post 600!

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