Friday, 14 September 2012

Tales Of The Nun & Dragon

As is often way, creatively speaking, I am moving through a nicely fertile period - I have four short stories that people have asked me for (one is due for the end of this month and I had the idea for it yesterday), edits for the “ill at ease” follow-up and I’m also trying to put together a novel pitch. A lot of this drive has come from people approaching me for stories - which is always a nice feeling - and has contributed to the fact that so far, I’ve published more material this year than any since 2001. And that's got to be a good thing.

One such story - and I had a lot of fun writing my Nunsploitation black comedy - is “Incident At Wearing Abbey”, which has now appeared in the book it was written for - “Tales Of The Nun & Dragon”. Edited by the brilliant Adele Wearing, for Fox Spirit Books, it features cover art by the talented Vincent Holland-Keen, interior art by Kieran Walsh and a host of great stories.

Vincent's fantastic cover

Here's the information from the Fox Spirit website

‘Tales of the Nun & Dragon’ features twenty three stories by a mixture of well-known and new authors who offer up a delightful blend of genres. There are zombie dragons, latex nuns, trips through time, nunsploitation and some unusual fantasy tales and fables.

The writers are Sarah Cawkwell, Mhairi Simpson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Jasper Bark, Mark West, Joan De La Haye, Simon Bestwick, Colin F Barnes, Andrew Reid, Ren Warom, Pat Kelleher, Cat Connor, Peter Ray Allison, S.J.Caunt, Wayne Simmons, Geraldine Clark Hellery, V.C.Linde, Catherine Rogers, Jay Faulkner, Sammy HK Smith, Francesca Terminiello, K.A.Laity, Karen Davies.

Available as an ebook at present, there will be a very limited edition print run available later this year, prior to all the Fox Spirit books being made available as print on demand from Lulu.

Available from Amazon UK here, Amazon US here and Wizards Tower Books here

Go on, give a new Small Press a chance…

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