Sunday 10 July 2011

My friend Jon...

We worked out, the other day, that my friend Jon & I have known each other for 21 years (half my lifetime). He pops in here, every now and again and mentioned that not many people seem to comment on the entries. I explained that most people commented via Facebook, where these blogs also appear, but he's not on any social networking sites so he didn't realise.

Here's a picture of the pair of us, from 1993, in the old Rising Sun pub in Kettering. Around this time, we were writing material for the "The Fields & Wild Experience", our comedy duo that came out of The Committee comedy troupe we were part of.

I'm far left, with the beard and all the hair, Jon's next to me.

Hope you enjoy seeing yourself here, old friend!


  1. (is commenting on entry!) Hello boys! x

  2. From Jon :- Hey Mark, and the interweb crew, thank you and hello. Mark, have a really special day my fine and wonderous friend.