Thursday, 3 February 2011

Save Our Libraries!

A day of action on the 5th February 2011 - as supported by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals -

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, long before the Internet came along (we all thought Whiz Kids and "War Games" were cool!), I used our local library a lot. For research, sometimes, for picking up the latest Three Investigator book - all the time! I've got Matthew into using the library too - he has his own card and goes to the kids section, whilst I browse the adult bit.

As part of local funding cuts, some libraries are under threat. People don't want it to happen, me being one of them. So I'll be supporting this day of action...

CILIP is supporting Save Our Libraries Day, a day of action to bring greater attention to the cuts and closures facing many public libraries.

We want everyone who cares about reading, literacy and libraries to use their public library on the 5th February and tell as many people as they can to do the same.

Get involved using our 'sliding scale of spare time'
Got less than 2 minutes?Tweet why you love libraries using the hashtag #savelibraries
Post this page to your Facebook profile and spread the word
Got 2 minutes?Visit your library website to download an ebook or use online reference resources.5– 10 minutes?Contact all your friends and family, ask them to join their library and use library services on the 5th. Search and reserve books through this guide to library services in England.10 – 15 minutes?Email or write to your local MP, local press or Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport about the unique contribution public libraries make to society.15 – 30 minutes?Pop down your local library on the 5th. Borrow as many books as you can. While you are there read a newspaper, go online and find out what’s happening in your local community.

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