Tuesday, 1 June 2010

And we find ourselves here...

“david & the clowns” is almost done now – I’ve read it to Alison, picked up on some stupid little mistakes and I’ve got good feedback from my pre-readers (thank you, one and all) – and it should be winging its way to its intended market tomorrow. Which leaves me with a clear plate, writing-wise and I’m eager to capitalise on my new-found enthusiasm, drive and creative vigour. Which means only one thing – yep, it’s novel time.

I’m going with ZoQuNo – I’m getting images from it all the time and I want to try and coral all that information before it slips away somewhere. It’s also reassuring to have “Shine” and “The Gash” on the back-burner, plus that lost film idea that keeps calling out to me too.

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