Sunday 30 May 2010

I'm in marketing - or, at least, the 3 year old version of me is!

I got a copy of “Generations” in the post today, a new marketing booklet from FordDirect that collects together car-related memories and is illustrated throughout with old photographs. The reminisces make for a nice read – my favourite is the lady who fondly remembers “doing all the things I no longer approve of in my Escort XR3i” – and the pictures are, on the whole, wonderful reminders of family life that’s often decades old.

My interest – and the reason the copy arrived – is that there’s one image on the back cover and it’s of me, standing in front of my Dad’s (borrowed) Ford Anglia, on a family holiday to Chapel St Leonards in June 1972. The agency found the image on my Flickr account and I was more than happy for them to use it.

I’m really quite pleased to be associated with it.
There are more details on the campaign here.

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