Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Casting myself out there

“Mr Huxton Goes Camping”, my first short story in six years (how is that possible?), has just been submitted to the market it was kind of written for. I’ll be honest, I’m as nervous as hell so wish me luck.

I was also invited to contribute to an anthology and have re-worked an older story to send to that. Once again, nervous as hell about it, so any good luck you have to spare would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, Matthew & I went to get some diesel last night and he asked, out of the blue, if I could “leave black marks on the road”. Of course, said I and since we were on the back road, I did as we left the traffic lights. He was thrilled, laughing his head off and I felt good that I’d made him so happy with something so minor. Until we got home and he raced into the house with “Mummy, Mummy, we left black marks on the road!”

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