Tuesday 18 June 2013

Recent love for Mr Stix

Went straight to Mark West's MR STIX to see what all the fuss was about. The fuss is warranted, it's a very good, creepy story. Maybe his best yet.
- Johnny Mains, author, editor and horror aficionado

Shows you can have a powerful, cringe-worthy death without any blood!
Daniel I. Russell, author of "Tricks, Mischief And Mayhem"

Thrilling, and edgy and downright bloody scary...  I love stories where the horror enters everyday life, ripping the folds of reality away to challenge readers with something that simply cannot be. This totally did it for me.
Lily Childs, author of "Cabaret Of Dread"

"Mr Stix" appears in For The Night Is Dark, an anthology edited by Ross Warren and published by Joe Mynhardt’s Crystal Lake Publishing.  The book is available in print from Amazon here, as an ebook from here and on Kobo from here.


  1. I haven't eaten an ice-cream since reading your story, Mark. Damn you!