Monday 3 June 2013

Marketing Return Of The Jedi

Following on from my last post, I made mention in that little essay about the marketing of the film and thought it might be an idea to show the kind of thing that was around.  Well thanks to the wonders of the Internet (and YouTube in particular), I can do just that (for American readers, replace Palitoy with Kenner).

So sit back, click the links and feel yourself transported back to 1983...

Some great clips from the film and I'm pleased to say that I finally have one of those Walkers for my collection.  It took the best part of 30 years to get it but there you go...

Ah, Speeder Bikes and more great clips from the film.  
As an aside however, watch the kids arms and the chair legs, the physics doesn't work at all, does it?

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